Frequently asked questions

I want to make a wish. How can other people see it?

Your wishes are displayed on the front page or in the wish calendar. The most popular wishes are even published on our Facebook page. Every wish has an icon labeled "Think of". Using this icon, people can join your wish and get notified when it starts.

I am unable to join a wish.

Make sure you are looged in. You have to be logged in so we can notify you when the wish statrs.
In case you are already logged in, the wish has probably expired. We should not linger on old wishes.

How will I know about current wishes?

There are several possible ways of notification. As the wish begins you will be sent an e-mail with notification. If you are also logged in on your Facebook profile, we will send you a reminder there as well.
It is also possible to connect your phone with Wisheer and you will recieve a SMS message when the time is right. We are currently working on a mobile app as well.

Can i delete my wish?

Yes, you can. When logged in, you will be able to do so on the details page of the wish.

What is the difference between private and public wish?

Sometimes you might want to share your wish with only a few people. Thats what a private wish is for. It wont be displayed on the front page and people won't be able to join it without a direct link.

What are those badges in my profile for?

They are currently only used to show how much you have helped our project. Every badge helps us to get new people on board and to create a great community of good willed people.