Daw Donalson: Forgive me Laura, I'm donkey and I know it :(

I want my girl back. I made f**** big mistake and now I have last chance to put it back. Tommorow I'll go on my friend's party to publicly beg off. Wish me good luck! :)

Wishes and their stories

How does it work?

At the start of the wish, everyone taking part in it is sent a notification so that your wish becomes true.

You can support someone by thinking about them. Not only is it a good deed, it does not even cost anything! :-) Show that you care about others by remembering them when they need you to.

Why think of someone?

  • it is simply nice to think of someone and wish them good fortune
  • because someone loves you
  • it will support you in your decision to do something when you know many people believe in you
  • some people believe you will be blessed by "cosmic energy" that will help you when enough people focus their thoughts on you
  • because in today's hectic world filled with computers, we often forget to think of our loved ones
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